Revenge of the Hot Lunch

As you may recall, C has a thing forĀ hot lunch. We nipped it in the bud back then and have been fine with the good awful, healthy lunches that we pack for them. Around the first of the year C made a plea for taco day. Tacos are his favorite food he whined, they make the best tacos at school, it’s just one day a month.

Okay, we caved. He plead a good case and tacos at least have some vegetables in them right? Sure.

So, taco day has been a treat for him. M can’t do hot lunch yet as his class eats in their classroom, so this is something that just C gets to do. His spelling has been excellent, his handwriting improved and his homework all gets good marks. So, taco day is a reward.

Sadly, we forgot the power that hot lunch wields over him. He’s a hot lunch junkie and like a junkie, he’s been playing us to get his fix.

About a month ago, he started telling me that he didn’t want peanut butter and jelly for lunch anymore (okay it’s soy butter to deal with food allergies in the school, but they don’t know any better…). This was fairly monumental as it had been a given that only PBJ would do for lunch for both boys. C started asking for turkey or ham, etc. No problem, I thought.

Fast forward to this past weekend. K is cleaning the kitchen and goes under the sink for a sponge. A there, she finds a stash of sandwiches, still sealed in their bags, carefully hidden. Turns out C has been taking the sandwich out of his lunch before we leave the house in the morning and then pleading his case for needing hot lunch at school. Clever. Junkie level of clever.

At any rate, we can’t hold it against the school. They have no doubt started a file on us for repeatedly sending C to school with only a snack and a drink and had mercy on him and provided him with his fix.

Just goes to show you never walk a junkie out on to the slippery slope.

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