So, we have brought the boys to Orlando for a week to take in the Disney adventure. My parents came with us, so it will be a family event. Some initial thoughts to get out of the way before delving into park specific ideas:

First, never again will we travel with car/booster seats. We rented from Hertz and they provided seats for C and M in the car. Score. Easy travel through security, no gate checking and reduced luggage.

Florida in July is not recommended. It is hot. And humid. And it rains, every day. The only thing about the rain is that is stays largely on schedule and can be planned for.

Disney is not made for tall people.

Buy new walking shoes before any Disney adventure.

Bring your own water to Disney. $2.50 for a bottle of Dasani is criminal anywhere.

Mind your location when you choose a gas station to top up at. For instance, the unassuming station you choose on Rte. 436 that doesn’t have any prices posted? Yeah, it’s the last one before you get to Hertz and $4.79 a gallon should not be a surprise. (Thankfully i was just trying to nudge the needle past full…)

If you force your family to drive out to Indian River to watch the Space Shuttle launch, it will not. If you do it a second time, the same result. If instead, you make dinner reservations, the shuttle will launch.

Did I mention it was hot?

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