Ears on?

An example of the typical conversation in our house:

Me: (Yelling upstairs) Quit jumping off your beds!

*They come downstairs.*

C: Can I play Wii?
M: I’m hungry.
Me: Hey, do you see the lights in the dining room?
C: Yeah?
Me: You see the lightbulbs? The ones that are out?
C: Yeah.
M: I’m hungry for dessert.
Me: Those are from you guys jumping on the bed. (This may or not be true. There were three out while K and I were eating, then a solid thump from above and one came back on…)
C: Huh?
Me: The lightbulbs! You jumping off the bed is breaking the dining room light! You have to knock it off!
C: What lollipops?
M: I’m not hungry for dinner. I’m thirsty.
C: Can I play Wii?

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