The Helping Hand

In C’s class the teacher has a “helping hand.” The chosen student helps the teacher during the day, has a special seat during circle time and (so I learned today) gets a prize. The helping hand today picks the next helping hand tomorrow.

Today was C’s turn to be the helping hand. It is a huge deal for him and he has cried on other days when he didn’t get chosen. Today he got the nod, played center field and had a blast. He forgot his prize, but he’ll get it tomorrow. We’re thinking about who we choose tomorrow.

But, he did get a stamp. It being March, the stamp is a shamrock (or shamwock) and C being C, the stamp was on his forehead. (You have to wonder what the teacher thinks about home life…)

So, home we come and we are greeted by a bouncy, happy, Irish Jaffa.

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