Dad’s Night In!

It is not very often that either K or I come home to an empty house. More often than not, one, or both, of us have the boys in tow or have to turn right around and pick them up. So, tonight was something of a rare treat when I came home and had the house to myself.

The boys’ school finally got around to noticing that they have boys in their classes and that not every school event needed to be a father-daughter something. Tonight they hosted a mother-son “Simon Says” competition (with Simon being described as something of cross between an auctioneer and a drill sergeant). K was excited and so were the boys. I didn’t think too much about it until I got home, but the empty house and an empty stomach quickly joined forces.

Work clothes were traded for shorts and a t-shirt, Mary’s Danish was kicked up loud on the stereo and gourmet meal of hot dogs and sweet potato waffle-fries was cooked. Boys not at home you say? Hard to tell, no? Anyway, now dinner is served and I’m enjoying some old Doctor Who (Doctor Who and the Silurians).

And I suddenly feel very old. A Friday night to myself and the best I came up with is dinner from the kid’s menu, some 40-year old BBC television and a glass of seltzer. Yikes.

I hope to boys come home soon…

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