Saturday, a play in one act.

The setting: a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon in August. It is the weekend of the sister-in-law’s bachelorette party, so the boys of the House are alone.

Enter: Dad, our protagonist.

Dad: Hey, guys, who wants to watch an episode of Star Trek?
Boys: Cool.

They watch an episode. Cool things happen, iced tea is quaffed.

Dad: Who wants to go out to lunch?
Boys: Do we get to pick where?
Dad: Sure.
Boys: Yay!

Lunch is eaten. There is much rejoicing.

Dad: Who wants ice cream?
Boys: Yay! Dad is awesome!

They feast on ice cream. They depart in the car.

Boys: Dad, where are we going? To get the dog?
Boy 1: I bet we’re going some place cool.
Boy 2: A surprise? Maybe the arcade?

Dad smiles and continues to drive. Soon, a pall comes over the car as the boys recognize Roslindale Village.

Boy 1: Ugh, are we going to the farmer’s market?
Dad: Nope.
Boys: Yay!
Dad: We’re picking up your school uniforms.
Boys: We will never forget this deception. We will not forgive you.


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