2011 – The year in review

I learned an important lesson this month. Taking off from work the week before a major holiday is not relaxing. I had an opportunity to take some time off as I switched jobs and thought that this would be a great week to do it. Errands, laundry, wrapping, etc. proved me wrong. It was nice as I got to spend a lot of time with the boys, but I accomplished nothing I thought I was going to do. So, between that and starting my new job this week, I have not had much time to write.

So, borrowing a page from an old LiveJournal meme, I present to you Dad’s Little Blog 2011 in review (i.e. I took the first sentence from each month’s first post and shoved them together). It never seems like it’s working when you first start, but then you read it, and it is always telling:

Anyone remember cootie shots? This is more a stream of consciousness rather than a coherent entry. So, we’ve learned two things this week: genetics can be a bad thing, but a blow to the head may not be. For Father’s Day last year, the boys found a pair of Superman boxers that they thought would be perfect for me. As you may recall, C has a thing for hot lunch. It has been raining in Boston, well, it feels like forever. So, C and M were playing outside today. Son, seven years ago today, your mother and I were in shock. The deed is done. It’s kind of funny when you think about it, but every parent has an innate dread of “the question.” So, the holidays can be stressful, no? Last week was a busy week.

So, that’s 2011 in recap. Starting next month, I will be taking part inĀ DADuary, so I hope to have some more interesting ideas to write about. Until then, happy new year to all. Thanks for stopping by.

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