The day after…

Well, Christmas has come and, almost, gone and we’ve lived to tell the tales. The creepy Elf has left his shelf (and returned the depths of our liquor cabinet), we need to clear out some significant space in the play room and thank-you notes are written. The wife still looks a bit haggard, but she hosted a lovely dinner, spoiled me and was generally all-around awesome.

The boys’ wish list was not quite fulfilled, but we had had a chat with Santa about how Nintendo DS’s were not allowed in our house, no matter how much they asked for them (both boys have since written thank-you notes to Santa politely pointing out his oversight…). Santa did compromise to a minor extent. We bought them both their own iPods. They’ve been getting more into music, and we’ve been encouraging C to use music to tune out his brother while he’s trying to get his homework done and M is being a nudge. We did only give-in just so much, though, and bought them the iPod Nano so they can’t add games, etc. They still seemed fairly impressed.

For our next trick, however, we had to figure out what to put on them for music. We have C listen to Mozart and other classical music when he’s doing his homework, but that wasn’t going to cut it alone. If you ask the boys, they only know particular songs. So, we now have iPods loaded with the Dropkick Murphys, Taio Cruz (who?), Gnarls Barkley, Mumford & Sons, Adele, Fun and the White Stripes to name a few. The real fun, apparently, began today while I was at work.

You haven’t quite mastered being a lawyer until you;ve sat in a meeting about a multi-billion dollar bankruptcy and been forced to keep a straight face while receiving the following text messages:

C is singing to Adele on his iPod “Umor has it. UMOR, umor has it!”


M is yelling/singing “I’m a single lady. Put a ring on it!”

I somehow managed to pull it off, but just barely. So, for our next adventure we need to find child appropriate music in our CDs or iTunes library, and help steer the boys clear of One Direction and the other shite playing on the radio these days…

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