Weekend in Vignettes

Rather than recreate cycle of the weekend, here are the highlights that help explain the world I live in:

Saturday afternoon:

C (age 7): Dad, I’m bored!
Dad: Only boring people get bored.
M (age 5): Yeah, I’m bored too. Can I play Wii?
Dad: No, you played Wii all morning.
C: Can we play outside?
M: Yeah! Can we play outside? (mind you, they’re already putting on their jackets…)
Dad: Sure, just be careful. And no wrestling, the ground may still be wet.
C: Can we rake?

*blank stares*

Dad: What?
M: He said rake. Can we get the rakes and rake the front yard?
C: Dad, are you crying?

Sunday morning:

Mom: Stop goofing around. Listen to the priest, or listen to the choir.
C: The what?
Mom: The choir, signing in back.

*C looks long and hard at the choir loft*

C: Mom, that’s not a choir, those are just humans.

*man sitting in row behind tries not to guffaw*

Mom: What do you think a choir is?
C: Mom, a choir is a kind of alien, those are just people singing.

Sunday afternoon:

*the boys have gone for haircuts, mom is off for some well deserved mom-time*

Girl cutting my hair (to M): Did you get a lot of candy
M: Oh yeah, we have two buckets!
Girl: Oh wow. What’s your favorite kind?
M: I like everything except Milky Ways.
Dad: You don’t like Milky Ways?
M: Nope, yuck.
Dad: Well, you can give them to me. I like them.
M: You like Milky Ways?
Dad: Yup, I’m not picky.
M: Hah! *increase volume to store filling levels* Daddy is a piggy! He’s eating all my Halloween candy!

So, how was your weekend?

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