And now, a word from our sponsors…

My boys are sponges for advertising. In fact, I need to make sure I never make any enemies in the advertising world, because they could probably exact their revenge on me through commercial messages.

My first hint was at Christmas time. Much to our surprise, the boys were not looking for Star Wars toys, TMNT stuff or anything really relating to their toys, games or daily interests.  What did they want? Pillow Pets.

What the hell is a Pillow Pet, we wondered.  We soon discovered they were, of course, items that are really hard to get at Christmas time.  K and I had never heard of them and couldn’t figure out how the boys even knew to ask for them.  But, we found them and Santa was a hero.

Another sign came one evening after dinner. As I was putting some leftovers in a ziploc bag, C reminded me that I should make sure that I squeezed out all the air because, “air was the enemy.”  He even reminded me that I could be a machine that would vanquish my airy enemy.

A recent spill on my white short could be remedied by Tide for Colors.

Yesterday morning I found two yogurt containers in the freezer. Odd, I thought, maybe they had fallen off the shelf in the fridge while the freezer was open.  I ignored them and moved on.  Yesterday, after dinner, C and M asked if they could have the yogurts they had frozen for dessert.  They grabbed their spoons and announced their satisfaction with a “tasty, frozen treat.”  Last night, K and I were watching TV and on came the Yoplait commercial that mentioned you could freeze their parfait style yogurt for, you guessed it, a tasty, frozen treat.

So, now, not only do we have to worry about the shows they’re watching, we have to keep an eye on the commercials too.

But, I hate commercials.

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