Halloween prep

The deed is done. Two larger than life buckets of candy are sitting on the dining room table. They have been inventoried and their contents committed to memory. Yesterday was our prep day.

K found an post on AlphaMom about an Angry Birds beanbag game. It being winter in Boston already (we had 3 inches of snow on the ground yesterday morning…) we need to start thinking of warm indoor entertainment and since we can’t play on the iPad during the school week, this seemed like a good idea. K went out for felt and rice and we were off.

We cut out the templates:



We used transferable fabric to print the faces:



K stitched the bodies while I cut out the faces:



We added the rice and some finishing touches:



And we ended with a whole family of birds:



The boys love them. They built structures out of Lincoln Logs and other things and then proceeded to destroy them with their own rules. We still need to work on the pigs, but they seem to be filling in other victims just fine.

After dinner, we carved pumpkins.



All in all, fun was had by all and we were ready for Halloween.

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