Birthday cards.

So, this past weekend was birthday weekend. Both grandfathers on Saturday and K on Sunday. The boys and I needed cards. Off to CVS we go.

We find the card aisle and instantly both boys have found the cards that make noise. I roam down the aisle trying to find the appropriate wife card while the boys debate among the better of the obnoxious singing cards. I peruse more serious fare.

C runs down the aisle, card waiving wildly over his head, Queen’s “We will rock you” echoing of the Hallmark displays. “Daddy!” he pants, “this is the perfect card for mommy! It plays we rock you!” Indeed, the front of the card informs the reader that they rock, the music inside reinforces it. Back down the aisle M has found a card that giggles uncontrollably and he is now giggling right along with it.

“Whoa!” proclaims C. He points at the top shelf of the cards in front of me. “Look at that sparkly card. That’s perfect for mommy!” I try and follow his finger which continues to dance along with Freddy Mercury. I find the “sparkly” card.

It is indeed sparkly, little sequins made up to be diamonds in a necklace, Almost perfect for K. One problem. “Happy 40th Birthday!” the sparkles spell. Oh, son. That is so not the perfect card. “C, mommy’s not 40.” I try and explain. A woman looking at the cards cards behind me is in hysterics while I try and explain to a 4 year old the dangers of rapidly advancing your mother’s age.

M has now found the Star Wars cards. he screams for his brother to come see the Stormtroopers (or “white guys” as we called them in a restaurant the night before…). C runs back and the ogle the cards that alternately play the Imperial March or John Williams’ score. They find “the perfect card for grampy!” Yoda wishes you a happy birthday he does. The boys have no idea who Yoda is (they’ve only seen A New Hope). It’s perfect. The 10×14 card with the Death Star and tie fighters that blasts the Imperial March is “perfect” for C’s birthday in August. The card that howls like Chewbacca might be perfect for Nana’s birthday. Everything’s perfect.

Mommy liked her card, as did grampy. Queen now plays randomly through the house as the boys run around letting everyone know that they will rock you.

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